A sommelier recommends only the best wine.
We recommend only the best smart home products.
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What we believe in
Making lives more convenient while focusing on privacy, reliability, and quality
Getting started

New to smart homes

Starting your first smart home project? Take a look here for information specifically for beginners! We lay out the current smart home landscape, where to begin, and how to scale for the future.

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Product Recommendations

Perfect pairing

Like a sommelier recommends only the best wine, we only recommend the best smart home products. We focus on the products that offer the best experience with an emphasis on privacy and longevity. Feel free to peruse our selection.

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Get a custom solution

We've performed dozens of smart home consultations around the US, helping people decide how to pick the right improvements and at the right price points for their home and budget - and we can help you too.

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Who we are and how we think

Privacy. Security. Convenience. We help you live in the modern world without having to give up your values. Backed by degrees, careers, and enthusiasm in the technology industry, we have our finger on the pulse of the modern era.

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Company blogs

learn about  offerings, ecosystems, and new industry trends

Flexible offerings

In person, remote, and online

While in person interactions have been limited recently, we offer our consultation services remotely.

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Choosing an ecosystem

how to pick between the big 3

Apple, Google, and Amazon all offer central ecosystems that work to control hundreds of different product offerings. Which should you pick? 

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